Museum and Heritage

Activated Ireland is proud to work with most of the major museums and heritage sites across Ireland. We do so in several ways:

● We source product for the clients.
By attending the major trade fairs, we can save you time and trouble by doing the research for you. You will pay the same price as if you had opened up your own account with the supplier.

● We work with the clients to create a variety of bespoke products.
From museum reproductions to mugs, magnets, clothing, bags, activity packs and more. We also work with customising of existing products to reflect the uniqueness of each individual location.

● We can provide already existing, popular products from dozens of suppliers.
From postcards, magnets, tourist typical merchandise, as well as the weird and wonderful, we have you sorted. In many cases we can also arrange for stands and displays.

As agents for numerous suppliers we don’t try to push any one particular line, or brand, of merchandise, but rather, our favourite question to ask our clients is, “what do you need?” If we do not already carry it, we will endeavour to source it. If it can’t be sourced we work with the client to make it, often at no initiation costs, depending on the supplier.

We can help you find what you’re looking for.